Give CrowdFunding Helpouts

Share your CrowdFunding knowledge 
by offering Helpouts

Social Media, Website, book, ebook miss the element of human face to face introduction (Bidirectional collaboration). 

We believe as time goes on more and more people will use new voice( I.e. Google voice) and Video (Google Hangout) or other audio video methods to community over text, video and audio recording . We call this "SoViVo". 

CrowdFunding Helpouts gives you a strategic opportunity to use your knowledge and know how to teach others in your vertical. We designed it to be powerful and easy to use, works on any desktop and mobile devices and incorporates live video, voice , scheduling and payments. We call this Cloud based live consulting and collaboration engineCrowdFunding Helpouts is a new way to share your CrowdFunding knowledge and expertise over live video or phone call. Connect 

with CrowdFunding Mentors, Coaches, Consultants, Investors and professional service providers( I.e Attorney, accountant, IP specialist, rapid prototyping, legislator .....Etc.)

Advantages of  CrowdFunding Helpouts:If you are interested to receive an invitation and be active member of CrowdFunding Helpouts, Please compete the attached and we will contact you.

  1. Live and intimidate global reach
  2. Easy to use Continent and flexible
  3. Generate revenue by sharing
  4. Knowledge sharing is the most effective way to create trust and trust and referral is highest level of  service and value sharing