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Sam Khorram

Advising, and Marketing

I can help you analyze your campiagn and help promote it. I am a social media marketing manager and I can send traffic of potential backer and investors to your existing campaign.

About Sam
Sam was born and raised in Orange County‚ California. He is currently a student in College and has been creating websites since the young age of 8. He has been involved with CrowdFunding since 2007. In 2009‚ he was exposed to Google Apps and became partners with a Google App Reselling company. He now runs a company called Orange County Cloud Apps which provides Google Apps solutions. He is experienced in Website Development‚ Search Engine Optimization‚ Video Optimization‚ Graphics Design‚ and Online Marketing. He has an extensive background in Social Media strategy and implementation which is his primary role as a CrowdFunding Mentor. Through his methods and strategies he has helped countless CrowdFunding Campaigns to reach and surpass their campaign goals.