CrowdFunding Helpouts

We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who love to help crowdFunders succeed with their projects and campaigns! Our Goal is to help CrowdFunding projects look fantastic, gain better review, visibility and ultimately gain momentum and trust with potential investors or backers.

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  Social Media
Social Media Helpouts

Bring more attention, exposure and visibility to your CrowdFunding campaign. We c will share with you to how to  bring you targeted traffic and help you attract backers or investors  in order  exceed your funding goal! This includes Social Media Promotion of CrowdFunding Campaigns, Major Media Outreach to TV, Radio and Newspapers and blogs

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Design Helpouts

The Crowdfunding industry has grown and will continue to grow exponentially. We help you get started with shaping your own project, whether it’s to make a movie, an album, a game, a play, a technology gadget, a restaurant, or pretty much anything else that springs from the imagination.

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